Hotel Policies

Environmental Policy

Our vision is to remain faithful to the tradition of Greek hospitality and follow the defined operating standards of ISO 14001. Our professional and friendly staff offer customers constantly evolving safe and quality services that heal and protect the environment.

The Environmental Policy consists of:
▪   The assessment of the environmental impact of our activities in order to reduce or eliminate any negative fallout.
▪   Remaining proactive in every possible way in protecting the environment and preventing pollution.
▪   Ensuring a comfortable and peaceful stay for hotel guests.
▪   Keeping our facilities and the operation of our equipment in excellent condition.
▪   Creative interaction with local actors and participation in environmental activities

All of us: The management and employees of PNOE BREATHING LIFE, believing in constant improvement, are committed to the following, which constitute the company’s

Environmental Policy:

1.  Faithful implementation and continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001: 2018.
2.  Carrying out actions to save energy, reduce water consumption, properly manage wastewater and reduce and properly manage generated solid waste.
3.  Maintaining good air quality.
4.  Protecting the beach and water quality
5.  Complying with any legal or other requirements to which the activities of our business subscribe.

In order to achieve the above:
●   We cooperate with neighboring bodies in order to preserve the natural beauty of the area.
●   We inform all bodies in the area of the environmental actions carried out by the hotel unit in order to raise awareness and participation.
●   We train the hotel staff annually in order to actively participate in the environmental management system.
●   We inform customers of the environmental actions of the hotel unit, in order to encourage their active participation.
●   We use only high quality raw materials and evaluate our suppliers.
●   We keep both the facilities and equipment in excellent condition and preempt any problems.
●   In collaboration with Municipality of Chersonisos, we sterilize and medical care the stray animals in our area within the bounds of our possibilities.

The staff at all company levels are aware of the Environmental Policy of the company and contribute to its implementation.The Management is committed to supporting the implementation of the company policy.

The Management