Hotel Policies

Human Management Policy Statement

It is a joint commitment of the PNOE BREATHING LIFE management and owners to ensure that all employees of the company are provided with the most exceptional work conditions possible throughout the duration of their employment by the hotel.

We believe that employees are our greatest asset and we recognize our moral and legal responsibilities in treating them properly. We believe that by treating our employees appropriately, they in return will continue to do their best for the best possible care of our customers.
Therefore, the primary objectives regarding Human Resource Management are the following:  

1.  Certification
In order to adapt to criteria of international human resource management, we aim to implement the hotel’s quality management systems (environmental and food safety system). Finally, our aim is to adapt according to our contractual obligations for the assurance of quality.

2.  Recruitment
The PNOE BREATHING LIFE hotel will ensure the implementation of a fair recruitment system so that all applicants to an available position are evaluated fairly. The PNOE BREATHING LIFE hotel will not discriminate in any way and will accept all applications from candidates regardless of race, age, gender, nationality, disability or religion. All hotel staff come from the local community.

3.  Contracts/Legislation
The period of employment at PNOE BREATHING LIFE will be formalized by a contract that meets the regulations stipulated by national law at the very least. Employees have the right to stay or annul this contract according to their own choices and without any penalty, should they decide to leave. The hotel does not keep personal belongings and staff documents (e.g. passports). The staff is remunerated according to the applicable remuneration of the hotel staff and not below the minimum wage. Employees’ personal files and data are protected in a way that ensures their privacy.

4.  Introduction and Training
PNOE BREATHING LIFE will ensure that all new employees are properly welcomed and trained. This will include areas such as company philosophy and corporate culture, product knowledge, employee well-being and benefits, health and safety, performance management, etc.

5.  Growth and Promotion
All PNOE BREATHING LIFE employees should be encouraged to further develop their skills and pursue relevant promotions where potential opportunities arise. All employees will set individual goals and discuss individual development plans with their superiors on which they will be evaluated in order to assess their job performance and set new goals.

Policy will be reviewed annually for the evaluation of its ongoing suitability. Annual targets are also monitored.
The Hotel Manager