Hotel Policies

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The policy of the PNOE BREATHING LIFE hotel for matters of occupational safety and health (H&S), consists of the principles and intentions below and is applied to all its activities.


The company address commits:

•    To conduct operations in such a manner and in such an environment as to ensure as far as possible the safety and health of the company’s personnel, the environment, and other affected persons within the company’s premises.

•    To comply with all relevant laws and regulations relating to workplace safety and health and other requirements to which the company subscribes. Also, to develop the management system to comply with legislative and operational changes.

•   To provide the necessary resources to enable the implementation of this policy.

•   For the continuous improvement of the system

Employment/employment and exploitation of children

•    Under no circumstances do we employ children.

•   In general, as far as children are concerned, if we perceive something irregular, illegal employment or sexual exploitation, we are obliged to report it immediately to the competent authorities.

Our intention is:

•    The reduction of occupational accidents in workplaces and the improvement of facilities and work methods.

•    Continually identify, assess, and control health and safety risks associated with our activities and implement appropriate pre-action procedures.

•   To set and revise the aims and objectives for safety and health at work and to implement an action plan to reduce the risks related to professional H&S.

•    To support and ensure that everyone receives appropriate training in professional H&S.

•   To ensure that all employees are aware of their responsibilities for compliance with the policy and procedures relating to professional H&S.

•   Communicate our workplace health and safety policy to employees and ensure they are aware of their responsibilities under the occupational health and safety management system.

•    Conduct risk assessments in all our activities at a frequency commensurate with their risk.

•   To make our policy available to the public.

•   To review our policy frequently so that it is relevant and appropriate to our company’s activities.

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