Hotel Policies

Written Community Policy Statement

It is a commitment of the PNOE BREATHING LIFE  to ensure that the required attention is paid to the way in which its business operations affect the local civil and business communities.

Everyone at PNOE BREATHING LIFE  works to ensure that the business operations of the hotel have a positive social and economic impact on the local community and minimize or eliminate negative impacts, where possible.

The primary objectives of the hotel’s community policy are:

1.  Certification
In order to adapt to the international criteria of sustainable development, which include the socio-economic impact and well-being of our staff, we have set a goal for 2023 to be certified by the Environmental Management System (ISO 14001: 2018) and the Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000 Food: 2018), as well as to comply with the requirements of the Blue Flag programme.

2.  Promotion of a Responsible Tourism Product in the area
We maintain the cleanliness of the beach and the hotel’s surrounding area. We give priority for employment opportunities to trainee students of tourism schools.

3.  Purchases
Ensuring that the quality of our product or our commercial goals are not endangered, we aim to buy and promote local products. This will help reduce carbon emissions as transport distances will be reduced.

4.  Employees
The hotel recognizes the importance of hiring staff from the local community, with the understanding that part of the salaries will be spent locally and provide an additional financial benefit to the local economy and community businesses. In addition, we recognize the long-term importance of local residents remaining in their community rather than looking for employment opportunities in other regions or abroad. We believe that this policy contributes to vital community building, which is part of our unique tourism product at PNOE BREATHING LIFE .

5.  Donations and Charity Work
It is the policy of PNOE BREATHING LIFE  to donate furniture, linens, and other furnishings that are no longer suitable for use inside the hotel, to local organizations that may benefit from their use. We donate our linens, sheets, towels, soaps and more, to the Heraklion Women’s Care Center, to the nursing home of the Andreas and Maria Kalokairinou Foundation, as well as to the Municipality of Anogia for the underprivileged. Also, a full range of gym equipment was donated to the Municipality of Anogeia as well as furniture such as sofas, tables, chairs and wardrobes to the Fire Stations of Heraklion and the municipality of Anogeia. We also painted the interior and exterior of the Holy Temples of Archangels Michael and Gabriel, and Apostles Peter and Paul in Karteros, as well as beautifying their exterior and garden.

Furthermore, after the devastating earthquake of Arkalochori on September 27, 2021, from the first moment, we contacted the authorities and donated quilts and pillows to the earthquake-affected residents of the area.

The policy will be reviewed annually for its continued suitability.

The Hotel Manager