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An array of sensational flavours – from traditional delicacies to international favourites, await guests in Pnoé’s restaurants and bars. From rich breakfasts offering the perfect fuel for the day to delectable dinners enticing you with their fine flavours and innovative cocktail creations brightening up your day, each flavoursome experience ushers in a wonderful ambience in gorgeous spaces elevated through unique design.

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A realm of authentic flavours awaits you, at Anása Restaurant, where mornings and evenings beckon with culinary delights. Savour an international breakfast buffet, and relish Chef Nikos Apostolakis’ signature culinary creations throughout the day.

The menu pays homage to the essence of the season with offerings that delight every taste. Don’t miss trying the exquisite veal cuts and matured fish that exemplify the chef’s skill in this specific culinary technique.

Every dish boasts organic high quality material from local producers with special meat cuts from Dry Aging cabinets. Create indelible memories by choosing from our wide- ranging wine selection or enjoy an exclusive wine tasting session with local and international wine labels upon request.



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Thymises by Peskesi

Unraveling Crete’s Aromas

Embark on a sensory journey through Crete’s culinary heritage at Thymises by Peskesi, where you’ll explore the island’s authentic flavours. Delve into a wide array of meticulously crafted traditional dishes that take your taste buds on an unparalleled voyage. In a harmonious collaboration, Thymises joins forces with the iconic Peskesi restaurant to deliver an all-encompassing experience rooted in the Cretan diet and sustainable gastronomy principles. The menu at Thymises by Peskesi features ingredients sourced from Peskesi’s Farm uncovering a world of forgotten raw materials and age-old recipes that honor Crete’s genuine essence. Elevate your experience with an olive oil tasting featuring Cretan varieties and a wine list showcasing selections from local winemakers who add an extra layer of authenticity to your journey.

Earthy tones, wood, and stone details create a welcoming atmosphere by the idyllic pool setting, perfect for romantic evenings as well as daytime moments of relaxation.

Thymises Restaurant
Thymises3 Restaurant
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Bar stories

A brilliant selection of bars promises to excite lovers of delicious cocktails and exciting, inspired drinks at Pnoé. Blending unparalleled comfort with an unbeatable island allure and the breathtaking beauty of the Cretan landscape, enjoying a refreshing drink in Pnoé’s beautiful venues is sure to stand out as one of your vacation’s most delightful memories.

Aeri Pool Bar

Refreshing beverages and a unique menu of signature and classic cocktails, await to delight you at the Aeri Pool bar. Indulge in light fare throughout the day and a fresh juice menu, or taste cool summer cocktails, smoothies and smobies.

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Uranos Rooftop Bar

Uranos Rooftop Bar promises to delight lovers of cocktails and fine drinking, with excellent suggestions from our expert mixologists, while for the tobacco and hookah lovers a wide selection of flavours is available. Sushi favorites by specialist Prokopis Kouris complete an unbeatable experience of enjoyment and relaxation.

The beauty of the Cretan landscape combined with modern aesthetics and wooden details, create a unique summer ambience with majestic sunsets as a backdrop. Evenings enjoyed here are destined to become cherished, unforgettable moments.