A Blessed Island


The private sanctuary of Pnoé is nestled just outside of the blossoming city of Heraklion where moments of modernity coincide seamlessly with archaeological destinations and renowned traditional spots. Much in the same way that Pnoé blends luxury and nature, it blends secluded privacy with convenient proximity to the bustling town.


Crete is renowned around the globe as a result of its stunning natural scenery and unique hospitality philosophy that has been winning over the hearts of travellers for years.

The cosmopolitan island is influenced by each of its three surrounding continents (Europe, Africa, and Asia) and it has a distinct and unique energy that cannot be found anywhere else.

In Crete, rich traditions meet beautiful beaches and charming villages that still hold their rustic charm to this day. At Pnoé guests are encouraged to immerse themselves within this natural haven, in order to fully experience the enchanting energy of the island.


While staying at Pnoé, guests will have the opportunity to explore a number of stunning historical spots around the island.

One of these is Knossos Palace, recognised as “Europes Oldest City” and the largest Bronze Age archeological site. The ancient ruins will harken back to the islands rich past and immerse you in a past era, making your trip to Crete that one bit more moving.


Crete has long been recognised for its stunning beaches, but among the most beautiful of these is Elafonissi. On the island’s southwestern shore guests will be intrigued with subtle pink sands that stretch out into crystal clear waters, with a stunning topographical backdrop to top it all off.


A visit to Balos will transport guests out of Crete and to a tropical oasis. Glistening white sands intermingle with vibrant turquoise waters in the most refreshing escape.